Timber Will Never Go Out Of Style

Timber furniture never goes out of style

Nowadays, solid timber furniture has become popular. When buying timber furniture, everyone always asks: Is it solid timber or is it pure solid timber? So, what are the benefits of solid timber furniture?

Health And Environmental Protection

Health and environmental protection are the most important indicators for people to choose solid timber furniture. Natural, environmental, and healthy solid timber furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. This mindset is shared by people with a sophisticated taste and who would also show-off their architecturally designed timber ceiling when you arrive to their home.

A reason for why solid timber furniture is prosperous, from the colour analysis, lies in its natural timber colour. timber-coloured furniture is natural and chemical-free. This is really a healthy and fashionable choice, which meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites for advocating nature.

Value Preservation

Mahogany series furniture will last forever and become nobler as it is used. It has practical, durable, and value-preserving connotations. The value-added: mahogany does not crash timber, each piece of mahogany furniture, raw materials used are imported timber hundreds of years of experience, coupled with the protection of forests around the world of rare timber, mahogany prices continue to rise, and mahogany furniture continues to appreciate. Purchasing mahogany furniture has become a new way of investment and financial management. In recent years, the annual increase in mahogany furniture has been around 30%.

Solid And Durable

Solid timber furniture is solid and durable. The lifespan of general panel furniture is 3 or 4 years, and the service life of solid timber furniture is at least 6 times that of panel furniture. If it is a piece of better solid timber furniture, it is made with a tenon structure, it will be more durable. Especially the mahogany furniture, it has been fine for hundreds of years.

Maintenance And Appreciation Of Price

Solid timber furniture generally has value preservation. For example, popular mahogany furniture is a good investment, collection, value preservation, and for appreciation. The timber used to make high-end furniture grows slowly, and it takes at least 50 years to become a material. Resources are scarce, and the prices of materials and labour are rising year by year.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Solid timber furniture generally has exquisite carvings, because timber is suitable for carving, the products are exquisite. Not just for furniture, but timber can also be crafted into beautiful timber screens for an added charm in your sophisticated home.  

Comfortable And Warm

The material of pure solid timber will bring a natural atmosphere to your space, keeping the home away from the cold steel and the same modern materials; at the same time, it can bring warm “timber” to the home environment, so it is quite popular among high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural texture, changeable shape, beautiful timber patterns can generally be seen on the surface of furniture.

Solid timber furniture has its own unique style and personality and integrates the essence of nature. It is warm and moist throughout. It is the best choice for home furnishing!


Carrying the essence of traditional culture, condensing it into meticulous craftsmanship, allowing history and culture to reappear, and feel the charm of ancient rhyme from the delicacy. Mahogany furniture has experienced hundreds of years of development, and the craftsmanship is more exquisite. In addition to satisfying people’s pursuit of tradition and dignity, it is more in line with the aesthetic and comfort needs of modern people.