Creative Ideas for painting your floor

Light on the footpath

Humans need creativity in their life and we are bound to look for different approaches to occupy their time by getting paint brushes, sewing packs or cameras, and being imaginative. And one of such great idea is a makeover of our living spaces, it’s no wonder that many people want to freshen up their homes with new home decor ideas. Big or small changes done in a creative way can bring drastic changes. 

The best part? You can thoroughly alter the pattern any way you need, and on the off chance that you truly trust your abilities, you can even do it without anyone’s help. In case you’re stuck on which shading to pick, we gathered together some ideas for you.

In this, article we tell you about the tools and techniques which can use to do a complete makeover of your house. We will tell you what colours can be used and patterns to transform your floors into a unique, eye-catching design element for your space.

Classic black-and-white checkers painted on the floor are the timeless pattern and colour combination works equally well in historic homes as in modern ones.

Geometric patterns bring a touch of contemporary into space. This fresh spring green makes the design all the more appealing.

Strips painting a great way to jazz up with simple strips of wood. Use your walls as inspiration for the pattern on your floor, to bring out the vintage feel.

Free-floating stencilled prints painted across the floor can give the illusion of chic patterned carpeting.

Splatter painted floors make a  white modern space sing with character and optimistic energy.

Stencil “rug” painting is one of the great solutions with high impact. Which works outside as well inside.

Zigzag is also an option to brighten up your floors, it’ll create the effect of scaling the space perfectly.

Creativity is such a broad concept, it’s hard to even define it. A lot of things can be repurposed in one way or another, they can all be used to create a home with a lot of art and home decor is no exception. Sprucing up your environmental factors is an extraordinary way to upgrade day to day life and revive perspective.

If you have a different kind of flooring such as wooden, concrete or brick, we have solutions for that as well, have a look:

Wooden floors

Painting a wood floor is an awesome solution that can include shading, appeal, and a lot of visual punch for any space small or big.

Concrete floors

To establish the pace for space’s whole structure design scheme. You can easily customize your concrete floor with paint through colour and pattern.


we can Transform brick floors into a contemporary showpiece with just a bit of paint and some creativity. There are tricks to painting the porous surface that can be found on the internet.

Tile flooring

It is an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your home without having to do costly floor replacements. When the tiles themselves are square, painting a checkerboard pattern is a simple idea that can easily use.


Pale grey painted floorboards work well with all-white spaces, providing warmth and a subtle shot of colour.

Painting a floor does not just beautify surface and it is also really easy-to-clean. They are inexpensive, durable and refreshing. Just draw some patterns and get started. Experimentation is the key to perfection with paint.