Protecting Exterior Timber In The Heat This Summer

Similar to the way we protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays, your furniture also needs to be protected from the harsh sunlight this summertime. To ward off the sunlight and protect the more delicate things in your garden such as wooden furniture, patio chairs, tables, etc, you need to follow a few bits of advice. The harsh heat of the sun tends to damage wood and later, cause cracks in it. Moreover, the intensified dry wind can also make the wooden furniture lose its sheen. To prevent this, exterior furniture stains, natural oils, and investing in furniture covers, can ensure durability and protection. Nevertheless, worry no more; we are here to prevent your furniture from being damaged.

Let’s have a look at ways to prevent heat damage as well as prolong the longevity of your possessions.

  • Furniture Covers Are Essential – Furniture is vital in any house, office, or public area. For protecting things like tables from heat damage, furniture covers are the most beneficial purchase someone should consider investing in. The furniture covers come with strong fabric and cover the entire furniture from every corner and edge. The furniture covers are available in various fabric types such as Polyester, Vinyl, or Canvas material, known to be extremely thick, blocking out UV rays and any other potential for weather damage . This allows for protection from sun, wind, and rain. Although they can be expensive, especially when they are custom made, it will save you money in the long term as you wont need to pay for repairs or purchase new outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is rather expensive and it is important you look after it. 
  • Keep Your Furniture In The Shade – If you want to preserve your outdoor sofa’s durability for example, you must keep your furniture in the shaded area and not under the harsh direct sunlight. The shaded area makes sure to prevent heat damage and increase the durability of the furniture. In terms of discolouration, the sun can also tint materials of cushions or pillows. Brighter colours will eventually fade and whites will turn creamy. 
  • Opt For Good Quality Timber – It is important to do your research on strong, durable wood. Excellent quality wood not only is more reliable, but also reduces the chance of damage, also making the house look a lot more sophisticated and taken care of. An purchaser must select a kind of timber that does not require much maintenance. Choose a wood type that does not need to be polished every week or month consistently. The higher quality timber is considered appropriate for keeping outside of the house. Moreover, the teak wood is a reasonable option to opt for as exterior timber in summers. The teak wood is high in rubber and oil content and is termite resistant. 

Cover Your Furniture With Paint – Wooden outdoor furniture with no oils or protectant and that  is put directly under the sunlight makes it more vulnerable to damage. If you ensure that your furniture has a top layer of thick buffing oil, timber oil, sealer or general mould treatment for wood, then it will withstand all types of weather conditions. Moreover, an individual must use a UV rays protectant color, which lessens the chances of damaging the timber and extensively increases the durability of the wood. Further, there are numerous