How to keep your construction blog interesting

How to keep your construction blog interesting

Publishing helpful content on your site is important when it comes to modern marketing for the construction and building business. Exactly how do you decide what is worth reading by your target audience? Can you create content that can convert browsers into paying customers?

There are over 750,000 construction contractors or organisations just in the US alone so there it can be hard to be the one that stands out. One way to get through the clutter is to be creating content that has quality and a steady flow. Frequently blogging for your construction business will contribute to a powerful brand and even improve your SEO which will give you’re the competitive edge you seek. Blogging allows for a platform that you can use to showcase the company values, practices and culture.

Here are a few tips to keep your construction blog interesting:

Address common questions

What questions happen to get asked often by your audience? If you can work out which ones and then answer them in a compelling way then you will be able to gain their trust and make it easy for them to find your business among the different search engines. It can be helpful to create a separate blog post for each question. If you get asked often about the sustainable building products then create a blog post about what ones they are, the pros and cons etc.

Varying the medium

Blog posts can be full of info but you don’t want all the posts to appear the same. This is where you may need to bring in some variety. Create the infographics with the best data you have, interview your craftsmen and shoot videos at your job sites. These are different mediums that can showcase the company’s skills. Don’t be worried about going for something different when you’re talking about digital content.

Creating a schedule

Your business will keep you busy that is for sure. So, when you are busy writing blog posts may not seem important. If you cannot manage online publishing often enough then you can outsource this work. Once you start neglecting the online marketing you will end up with a reduction in traffic and less new clients.

How to keep your construction blog interesting

Thinking local

Building and construction businesses will only often work in one location unless the project is related to the construction of an infrastructure system like roads or drainage system. To help customers find you should be including the location-specific keywords within your blog posts, website content and the social media posts. If you offer products or services in different towns include the name of all the location when possible.

Know What Problem You’re Solving

Rather than focusing on how to make money from your blog, consider focusing on what problem you’re solving for your readers. If you address a construction problem that many people face and then offer a solution, then you’ll already be on the right track to monetizing your blog. Your readers come to your blog because they’re looking for something and most times it’s an answer to a common question. 

For example, if you’re a construction company and are aware of common problems that your customers face, then address these issues and offer good solutions. This gives your readers a reason to keep coming back for more. 

Know Your Target Audience

Speaking of your readers and your niche, you should know who your target audience is. For example, if you decide to write about plumbing, then who is your target audience? Do you want to focus on other people in the industry just starting out, or do you want to focus on regular homeowners who are looking to find ways to clear their blocked bathroom drain themselves?

You might even want both to be your target audience. Whatever the case may be, know who your target audience is and put the focus on them. This will make it easier for you to reach them.

And if you can solve a problem that they’re having, then they’ll return to your blog in the future for more help.

Display Before and After Stories 

Writing about before and after stories, is another great idea for blog contents. These stories can go along with a short video, a regular blog post, pictures, customer reviews, or all of the above! This concept particularly works well with the construction theme.

For example, if your focus is on DIY roofing, you can ask readers who take your advice to post pictures of the before and after and leave comments on how the process was for them. If you provide your readers with great content and real knowledge on the subject, then you won’t have to worry about a project turning out badly. 

Give Some DIY Ideas and Tips

As has been aforementioned, an idea for the content of your blog is to give DIY ideas or tops to your viewers. If your blog is about painting, then you might want to either target either professional painters or DIY painters. 

The DIY world is becoming increasingly popular and you might find that focusing solely on DIY ideas and tips works great for your blog. If you’re someone who enjoys doing projects on the side at home, then this might be a great blog idea! You can really help others who want to try DIY projects, but don’t have much experience. One great thing is because there are a lot of things to DIY, there are a plethora of potential blog contents that you can choose from; from how to unclog the drain by yourself to building a bed from scratch.