Outdoor and indoor coastal interior design for a real beach style in your own home has undoubtedly added to the love of comfortable living and a way we can decorate our homes to reflect a new tranquil lifestyle. From high-ceilings to French and bi-fold doors that you swing open, timber-lined walls that have a crisp white detailing and excellent fresh, natural fabrics on your furniture for breathable comfort.

Here are some of the must-haves that you should have in your home, so you can create a coastal vibe:

Outdoor and indoor flow

You could do sliding doors, stacked French doors, bi-fold doors or whichever other styles you like, but be sure that they open wide to extend the outside area and slow for the flow of fresh air throughout the home. Keep the surfaces simple so you can easily transition from the indoors to the outside and then you can make the most of all the natural light flowing.

Weathered timber details

The texture goes a long way when talking about decorating ideas that are giving off the essence of coastal living. You need to be using neutral tones and natural fibres that can pair off with light blues shades and sea glass colours that give a fast seaside sentiment. Handmade beach homewares and style vignettes with collected shells can add some extra dimensions to a room also; the living room is a great space to have fun with the coastal style. Use your coffee table as your blank canvas where you can then build your coastal vignette with natural beach house decorating styles that go well with your coastal aesthetics and natural woven textiles, driftwood sculptures and branches.

Outdoor shower

It is time to go beyond the beach theme and use a function to dictate the décor ideas. This is a fast-growing trend in all beachy homes the outdoor shower. Nothing says a holiday theme quite like the practice of an outdoor shower. It can take the pressure of having an indoor wet shower after using the pool. So, if you have space and the finances to incorporate a shower into your outdoor living area and it fits with your theme, then you definitely should add this in.

Open plan master suite

When it comes to beachy themes, you need flowering textiles and light and breezy curtains. Natural linens and timber accents all wound into an open plan layout that flows right into the master suite to help you enjoy the coastal moment from right when you wake up.

Just take a stroll down to your local beach and collect different items like bits of driftwood, shells and old branches that you can incorporate into your scene. Online stores are another place to find unique pieces along with yard sales, where you can find different items that are different from the rest.

You can’t go wrong with a beachy style as long as you are using the correct décor and the right tones and textures for the form. If you are not sure what to incorporate into your home, then you can talk to an interior designer who knows the ins and outs of interior designing, and they can help you create that unique coastal home that you have only dreamed about. Pinterest is also an excellent place to find different DIY ideas that can be a lot cheaper and fun to make. You can mix and match and create different looks and see what you like best. There is no right and wrong look as long as you have the coastal decor and tones that you are working.