Best choice of Kitchen Slab for a reality cooking show.

Variety of dishes

So, you are getting a new bench for your new reality cooking show. It is one of the biggest decisions on what type of benchtop you will use.  It is a main point on the show it will have a huge impact and it is the main focus point. It is where you do all the meal preps as well as cooking. Not only does it need to look good for the show, but you need durability as well. Here is a few of the best kitchen slab work that is well suited for everyday households as well as a reality tv show.

Engineered stone

This is a popular choice of benchwork that kitchen renovators often choose. Engineered stone is made with natural aggregates that are mixed in among resins. You can get this in many different colours from whites, days and different shades of greys. You can choose to have flecks of other coloured stone mixed through it or have the bench slap as just a solid colour. If you prefer to have a chunkier look then you can get an extra skirting to be attached to the edge which is around 20 mm thick and seems to be the latest trend. An advantage of the stone benchtops is they are durable and no specific method for cleaning. If you get the non-porous surface it will resist the staining and the scratching without the need for all the ongoing maintenance. Quartz is in the same category and is another engineered stone benchtop that is quite common.
the solid surfaces are an acrylic resin which has a filling of alumina. This means that joins in the benchtop are invisible once they have been installed which gives the appearance of one solid slab. It is possible to have the sink moulded in which means you won’t have any nooks or crannies for dirt and gunk to get sucked in. This type of benchtop is UV resistant, so it becomes a great choice for outdoor kitchens which are growing in trend. If you have a solid benchtop it means repairs are fairly easy and unnoticeable. If your bench suffers extreme heat damage no worries it can be repaired without needing to get a whole new benchtop.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is popular in modern homes which is why it can be a good idea for a cooking show to give the appearance of modern and sleek. It will, however, need to be sealed and it not suitable for splashbacks.

Marble benchtops

Marble is a very attractive stone that is often used in benchtops and kitchens as a splashback. It is a very sophisticated option, but it does require some upkeep. Marble is porous so it will soak up spills and stain. You need to ensure the marble benchtop is sealed with a decent quality sealant before you even start cooking on the benchtop. This will need to be repeated every couple of years so as to maintain and sustain the shine you wish to portray on cameras.


Granite is enduring for your kitchen benchtop, but you will need a large budget as it is known as one of the most expensive materials coming in alongside the marble. This could also complement well with your polished concrete tiles for a shinier look for the cameras. There is a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from and it can handle most things that come at it. Clean the benchtop with warm water and soap to ensure the shine is looked after.

Consider these factors for your cooking reality show. Ultimately, the ratings and participation of the show depends on how eye-catching and luring the kitchen looks for every immaculate kitchen lovers out there.