Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

newly renovated kitchen

Thinking about renovating your own kitchen? Read these tips and create your dream kitchen and start cooking delicious food that will be envied by the local lunch cafe around the corner.

A huge kitchen isn’t always the best

As you need space for items like storage and cookin

g space and have the ability to move about without bumping into cupboards, remember while organizing a kitchen too big isn’t always functional.

Designers say a lot of households building a new home or planning an expansion get seduced from the distance. They equate size with efficacy and discover the hard way that both aren’t necessarily harmonious. At the conclusion of a long day slaving over a hot cooker, they get tired from walking long distances around the kitchen rather than a well-designed compact kitchen.

Plan out plenty of bench space

Bench space is among the most sought-after kitchen features. Ask anybody what they could always want more of in their kitchen, most of the time it will be bench space. If possible, two bench areas are ideal, one for preparing food and one for cooking food. Consider the length, width, and depth, it would be smart to consider the size of the stovetop and dishwasher to cohesively work together.

Limit walls to get an open-plan kitchen

Open-plan kitchens are very popular so might be a smart move if You are renovating with resale in your mind. Nobody likes a cramped tight kitchen, if possible, remove walls to have the kitchen lead straight into the dining room or family room. Even remove half the wall to create the illusion of open space whilst remaining the divide between the rooms. L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens are the most popular providing a myriad of bench space and useable sides, you could even have a breakfast bar on one side, just add bar stools.

Selecting materials for your kitchen

Right now, bench tops created from strong substances, such as natural or engineered stone are in trend as are man-made items like acrylic and laminate. Solid timbers are also a green choice or even bamboo and plywood. Tiled and glass splash backs are very popular as is Stainless Steel. Just be certain whatever you select it is the best quality you can afford, it is water and stain-resistant, and it is simple to wash.

Glass splash backs & glassĀ 


A smart way to introduce natural lighting to a kitchen in an Exterior wall would be to install glass panels on the wall between the overhead cabinets and. Not only will this remove the need for a conventional splashback, but it is going to provide you with a lovely view outside as you cook. You could even turn it into a window and have planting pots for fresh herbs ready for cooking.

Choosing smart appliances

Now we need kitchens that look slick and work economically, which extends into the appliances we select. Concerning smart technologies, you will find high tech cooktops and ovens, as well as smart fridges and blenders. While some people desire appliances concealed as much as you can in the cabinetry, many others enjoy seeing them, with trendy stainless finishes, striking restaurant-quality stoves, and glass-fronted wine chillers. Choose energy efficient appliances from trusted brands with warranties.

Accessorise and add colour

Insert colour and bring your kitchen to life with kitchen accessories. Tea towels, pot holders, utensils, dining ware, cutlery and small appliances. Create a colour scheme to compliment your brand-new kitchen. Vibrant fresh food like fruit and veggies are always great for adding a splash of colour.