How to Create a Beauty Room for Your Daughter

princess room for girl

Designing and decorating a kids room can be difficult and more so if it’s a daughter’s room. Just like adults, the ‘little women’ have their tastes and preferences when it comes to designing their space. Imagine it’s a place where she can play dress-up with bridal makeup looks or try new hairstyles. 

It might be the need to reflect the colour combinations associated with someone they admire and want to model, or the urge to outdo their friend whose room they have seen. For a mother trying to please the taste of her precious girl, the challenge may be making an investment in design and décor that will only last a year before she outgrows it. 

If all this is true about general décor and design for your daughter’s room, it’s even more crucial if it is about her beauty room. Your daughter’s chamber of beauty and dressing must be perfect, and give her the satisfaction and feeling of glamour that a young growing woman deserves. So what ideas should guide you when creating a beauty room for your daughter? Here are a few tips that could save you from the dilemma.

A full-length mirror at the heart of the dressing space

A full-length mirror will give your little princess a full view of herself and show details of how a dress looks on her, how well her hair extensions look and the effect it makes on her face. It lets her find the perfect shoes to match with the rest of her attire, in a seamless way. Finishing off the dressing space with a tufted settee and a fur mat for her little feet makes the setting perfect.

A theme for the beauty area

Even though your daughter may not be at the age of makeup, anticipating that phase is not a bad idea. A little table and chair with a tabletop mirror surrounded with little light bulbs could give a perfect feminine aura in the little room. You could cover the table with cute little makeup dummies. For the space colour, you may want to reproduce Paris by painting your mirror frame pink and choosing the same colour for the little seat and table. This obviously means you need to use pink for the rest of the room too, including the draperies. Alternatively, you could use the curtains to complement the pink theme with a touch of sparkle or shine, to magnify the glamour. Add a cute pink fur-drape on the little seat as the final touch. 

‘Her little treasures’ closet

From the hairband to her little jewels and her petite purses, an organised closet will give your daughters room a complete look. It does not have to be big, but placing it in the right position in the room has a complementing function. It could be next to the beauty space, where she can easily reach her little treasures. 

A lot of these details will greatly depend on your daughter’s age and taste. It is important to plan and follow the designing and décor with her. Surprises may not always work in this case. You certainly don’t want to be redecorating the beauty area a day after it has been done because your daughter, who has always shown a liking for pink, now prefers purple!